MHAA Official Membership vs a MHAA Meetup Member

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If you're paying yearly membership dues to us, you are an official MHAA member and able to take advantage of our membership benefits.

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Meetup "members"

We use Meetup to announce our events, attract new interest, and handle RSVP's. Unfortunately, Meetup very frequently refers to it's own users as "members" in it's emails and web pages even though we configured the MHAA Meetup group to refer to our followers as "Stargazers". This leads some to believe they are official MHAA members, but for that to be true you must pay our yearly membership dues.

We get no monetary support from having Meetup members and cannot utilize Meetup's method for collecting money from members because it only allows charging per event. This is undesirable because we don't want to charge per event for a few reasons not least of which is that these events are free.

Official MHAA Members

By paying the yearly dues, you become an official MHAA member and gain access to our members-only benefits. You also help support our mission to spread our knowledge and passion for space and astronomy.

In the near future, we will have paid membership management on our official website. In the more distant future we hope to offload handling event RSVPs to our website as well. Combined, we hope this will make MHAA membership less confusing.

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